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A specialized service that enables you to take your event LIVE
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What is Live in a Box

In simple words, anything that is being shown to an audience at the moment of its happening and is not prerecorded, is LIVE.

LIVE Casting or LIVE Streaming is the process of broadcasting real-time, LIVE video footage or video feed to an audience accessing the video stream over the internet.

The viewing device can be a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or digital screen.

In certain cases, viewers can interact with the broadcast Host, Guests or other viewers, through text chat, twitter feed, voice or webcam video.

Live in a Box is a specialized service by TSD Corp. that enables you to take your event LIVE on the internet to the rest of the world from any location.

But!! Who needs it ??

Anybody & Everybody who wants their Target Group to be a part of their event/conference/discussion, while it happens, and make it visible to those who cannot physically be present at the venue The possibilities are immense!

Just get in touch with us & leave the rest to us!

What’s in the Box



Why Live Stream at all?

The Live Streaming Industry has seen a massive uptake this year.

The technology to livestream content has been around for years, but never has an audience seemed more primed for consuming it

The fun of live streaming is when you see people across the world as excited as the people at the event, and when they talk about it

Creating content which leads to viewers interacting, commenting, giving feedback can have a reflective impact on the live stream

There's a seemingly insatiable hunger for all types of content, all the time Practically everyone is "walking around with Internet connected phones in their pockets," and local infrastructure can provide enough bandwidth to live stream to an audience

As more people are engaging with video, and are more inclined to interact with brands they trust, live streaming is an effective way to interact with your customers

  • It’s a new way to reach out and talk to your Target Group
  • It provides you with the same level of engagement as a face-to-face conversation
           or a stage/boardroom presentation
  • It is NOT traditional webinar or video conferencing technology
  • If used strategically, your Google search rank will significantly increase


How does it benefit me?

Live-streaming video is currently one of the hottest digital trends

  • Businesses are starting to find ways to adopt the live-streaming as part of their marketing strategy because of the fast growth and massive reach
  • Many brands have already joined live-streaming video trends to provide behind scenes access, tutorials and live event streaming

This is how Live-streaming can benefit your business:

  • Instant response from viewers
  • Build new following while also engaging current followers in a new way
  • Real-time interaction
  • Coverage – Events & product launches
  • Global audience
  • Diverse age profile
  • Transform the way you provide customer service
  • Answer multiple and responded to in real-time with minimal resources
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Convenience

What are the Platforms?

Live Streaming can be done using any of the following platforms:


How Can Brands kill it on Live Stream?

  • Backstage or behind the scene access
  • Q & A with the community
  • Interviews
  • Webinars Style
  • Breaking Exclusive News
  • Product release announcement or Launch
  • Direct Engagement with community
  • Partners Live Streams

And there is more!!

Apart from Live Streaming your event, we offer you a bunch of additional services

  • Handling of Twitter Periscope LIVE on a Smartphone
  • Twitter integration ensures reachability
  • 10 Million registered users
  • 1.85 Million daily users
  • 35K hours of videos streamed daily
  • Handling of Facebook LIVE using an I-phone
  • Verified users can go LIVE via video
  • 1.59 Billion monthly active users on Facebook
  • 1.01 Billion daily users on Facebook
  • Over four billion video views a day on Facebook
  • Pre and Post Event Promotion on Social Media
  • Encourage LIVE views of the event
  • Post Event Video Editing
  • Power Back-up for uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Leverage the popularity of TSD owned pages on social media, to maximize reach and views
  • TSD handles a 100+ Million, very Strong Online Community in the area of Cricket, Sports, Bollywood & Music
  • We have a track record of delivering the promised number of social views
  • Event Page Handling on
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • 10 MBPS++ Leased Line
    (basis timely availability by the service provider at the venue)
  • Moderator/Host/Emcee for your Event

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